Episode 2

Angy Rivera, a Colombian born undocumented immigrant, was petrified when she was stopped at the airport on her way to North Carolina last summer. She was relieved to discover it was only a can of hair mousse tucked away in her bag that was attracting attention. “I’m there panicking, I don’t know what to do...they are going to take me away.” The 22 year-old Queens resident says those are the kinds of situations she, and other undocumented young adults, run into all the time. As part of the 2nd EPISODE of the on-stage radio show Where I’m From, Rivera shared some of the advice she gives regularly through her blog, “Ask Angy,” the first advice column for undocumented youth. Brooklyn’s Jalopy Theatre was filled for the June 8th event featuring Angy, and a cohort of other diaspora voices from around the city, and the world

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The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s pilot radio show, “Where I’m From”, started with a statement: “This is a show for the new America, the majority minority America, where the question, ‘where are you from?,’ is not so straightforward.”

The declaration, by host and CUNY J-School radio instructor Jesse Hardman, set the tone for the two-hour show which took place onstage at Manhattan’s historic Webster Hall on Apr. 20.

An enthusiastic audience enjoyed conversations with guests representing the talents and experiences of New York City’s diaspora populations. The show traveled from the Congo to Colombia, Pakistan to the Philippines, and Turkey to Taiwan through music and stories of migration culture, culinary traditions, and more.